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What is a Passive Income?

Passive income is income that requires little to no effort to earn and keep up. The results are progressive passive income when the earner expends little effort to grow the income. Long story short making MONEY in your sleep!

Who is the Admin?

Why do we have to pay a fee to the admin on every payout?

The fee is generated to keep things running smoothly it is very stressful to keep up with financials and third-party fees making sure that everyone gets their blessings in a timely matter and most importantly making sure everyone gets a pay out

When is payouts? Who issues the check?

Payout happens rapidly every Friday. Checks are issued by the admin through Wells Fargo Bank

What if I change my mind can I get a refund?

Yes, if you feel that the system is not right for you, you can get a refund with they initiated invested amount, minus a $10 processing fee for an example if you initiated with a $50 investment and you’re still on level 1 you get a $40 refund if you initiated $50 but you’re on level 2 you still get a $40 refund but you lose out on $60 being that level 2 is a $100 blessing if you jumped in on level 3 initiated investment of $500 your refund will be $490. check will be mailed out within the same week client registration will be shredded, Fill free to come back anytime!

Can I invest into more then one level at a time?

Yes, of course we love the idea of a bigger payout and also increasing your passive income much faster

Is their a live agent that I could talk to with my questions and concerns?

Yes, of course text “HELP” to !!!!!!!!!!!
and you will be prompted with instructions on how to schedule a call back! Agents are available Monday-Friday 9am- 5pm (EST)

What is the payout method?

As you have plenty of options with third parties like Zelle, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Cashapp and more as your already paying an admin fee we don’t want you paying third-party fees as well and not to mention receiving the funds in a timely matter as some funds will take 2 and 3 transactions so a personal check will be written out and mailed 2-3 business days before payout day but can not be cashed until payout day

How do i pay the start up $50?

Invest Now on or by any link provided here ( ) ( ) make sure to add a $3 fee making it $53 dollars for card holder and service fees beyond our control or a $50 mail-in money order to: ( ) as this choice will be a slower process

What is the age limit?

If you’re old enough to carry an identification card (ID) have a bank account or cash a check than you’re eligible!

How long does it take to get to level 4?

Depending on the pace of levels one and two it could very and it also depends on the order you came into the group if you are within the top five you can move rapidly through each level versus coming in at the bottom five. Six to ten weeks or less

Do we have to start in on level 1?

No, you can jump right into levels 3&4 with they amount needed per group member as we want to build your trust we start you in at a $50 investment but by all means if you have the funds you can invest into any level! Level up!

What if the group is not completely filled with 10?

For that group gifting will not go into rotation until it has a complete 10 but no worries with levels one and two constantly rotating groups will rapidly fill up

Will this affect my SSI benefits or my housing assistance (HUD) what about Taxes?

This system is a group of Friends family and neighbors gifting each other is all it is that’s it Nothing to report as long as funds paid out to each person is under 17,000 it’s nothing more than a gift. But sometimes people can use this gift as an income for those that don’t have proof of an income!

Can someone just walk away from the group? what if one week someone can’t pay?

The admin is the money holder all funds are collected before payouts are issued and yes anyone can just walk away from a group as we can’t hold anyone against their will! But this is a committed investment so they will lose money and the admin will replace them with someone else and everyone will still get their share

How do I get a discount on my admin fee?

A $25 dollar discount will be given with paid referrals to the system or also by meeting certain quotas for sharing your experience on social media!

How often is the system updated?

Telegram will be updated once daily because of the traffic impact to the system if you don’t see your name within 48 hours of investing please text “HELP” to ( ) and you will be prompted with a time and call back number. This messaging link is for Members Only! ( )

My check was miss-placed or never received?

No problem, The issued check will be canceled and funds can be sent through Western Union or Money Gram with you being responsible for the fees! Another check will not be issued for this payout!

How many times can I invest in this system?

As many times as you like their is no limit on entry but remember payouts will occur on different weeks unless your lucky and all your payouts are aligned!

Is this system available out of state?

At the moment we are only working the system within the United States

I lost my identification (ID) can my check go into someone else’s name?

Yes, after an extreme verification process!

How do I keep up with my payout turn?

Can’t keep track no problem the admin keeps everyone on theirs toes with the process and up and coming payouts with group chatting threw Telegram a FREE app on any Android or IOS device. This link is for Members Only! ( )

I did not receive the Application or Presentation?

This application link is for invested (paid) Members Only! ( ) Watch the presentation by clicking the link that's also sharable! ( )

How do we report paid Referrals?

Make sure the person that you referred adds your first and last name to the application they submitted THEIR ARE NO DUE OVER APPLICATIONS unless the member's name, address, phone or email is incorrect or needs updating! (add image)

What if the admin gets hit by a car then ran over by a bus?

Oh wow! As everyone is kept in prayer the admin is backed up by another! there are several personnel in place to keep the groups in motion!